Flexible cooling technology with heat recovery alternatives

The sinter cooler often becomes the bottleneck of the sinter production, with outdated technology leading to low productivity and high operation and maintenance cost. This is countered by the two types of coolers developed and offered by Paul Wurth: the Annular Cooler and the Shaft Cooler.

The classic design of the annular cooler was completely revised and is now essentially composed of a rigid ring frame construction for easy and sustainable material centring. Additional features, such as a reliable low leakage sealing system, lead to low operating cost and enhanced air sealing.

Paul Wurth converted the well proven shaft cooler into the patented counter current airflow design, extracting 100% of the heat contained in the sinter for high efficient heat recovery processes. Being of compact design, the counter current shaft cooler allows a longer residence time of the raw sinter in the cooler, resulting in a better cooling efficiency and highly reduced dust emissions.

All Paul Wurth sinter coolers are perfectly suited for any type of heat recovery, which can be designed tailor-made to fit each customer’s needs.

Sinter Cooling