Fitted for the most challenging material characteristics

In order to achieve high productivity and a consistent good sinter quality, an excellent homogeneity and high permeability of the sinter raw mix are required from the start. To cope with the challenging raw material input, Paul Wurth offers tailor-made solutions for mixing and nodulizing. We recommend, for example, the integration of a horizontal or vertical mixer with a drum nodulizer or the use of a horizontal or vertical mixer together with an intensive nodulizer - depending on what ranges of raw materials the operator is using, on the material characteristics and on the available space for pre-blending / blending yards.

In addition, we supply advanced systems for raw mix charging onto the sinter strand, designed to reduce material compression and to ensure adequate segregation during discharge for a subsequent optimal ignition.

Close cooperation with sinter plant operators as well as various laboratories for carrying out specific mixing/nodulizing tests help us find the most appropriate solution adapted to the iron ore and fluxes qualities.

Raw Mix Preparation & Charging